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United Kingdom and the European Union - Views of a reluctant Leave voter

posted 26 Oct 2017, 13:28 by Sam Griffiths   [ updated 28 Oct 2017, 07:19 ]
I keep reading in the press and on-line feeds rants about Brexiters being compared with Nazis, Remainers being accused of attempting to sabotaging Brexit, and various other deeply divisive and overly aggressive polarised arguments over this particular topic one way or the other. The problem is that while there may be some truth in these arguments/debates/objections it does tend to get blown out of proportion and swamped with undue rhetoric to support the position of one side or the other.

I can not speak for everyone that voted leave nor can I reasonably claim to represent anyone but myself; However, I do believe that my specific views are not unique to myself and are probably representative of a lot of people in the UK regardless of the side of the debate they are on.

The short version is that while the EU sounds like a good idea it has been implemented badly and is in dire need of reform. I think this simple phrase sums up the way a lot of us in the UK think, regardless of the side of the argument we are on. There are obviously going to be at-least some that do not like even the thought of the EU, nor believe it is a good idea but I personally do not believe such people account for a significant portion of the UK; However. I have no facts or figures to support this belief.

Those of us that do think the EU is a good idea though are almost certainly deeply divided on how the matter of reforming the EU should be handled. Personally, I feel the project is set up for a spectacular failure and is incapable of being reformed while certain types of personalities in the EU are driving the boat. I think it has gone too far, too soon and to try to accelerate the schedule will prove disastrous for those directly involved in the long term. Perhaps the EU project can be saved by some stroke of luck or miracle, but I am reasonably confident that will not prove to be the case as the reforms I feel are necessary would mostly involve rewriting the current book regarding the EU schedule of evolution from scratch.