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Visual XML Editor

This is a tool for viewing/editing XML files as a tree structure and is written in C# as a .NET FORMS application and is completely free for anyone to use or redistribute as-is.

You can find the distribution folder (containing the installer) for it here on Google Drive and the source code for it here on GIT Hub.

Currently, the tool is pretty limited in functionality but long-term it should include full support for:-
  1. Dragging and dropping XML sub-trees between open XML files (currently drag and drop of XML sub-trees only works properly with-in the same XML editor)
  2. Generating XML difference files from two loaded XML files
  3. Full XSL validation and auto-completion support
As it currently stands (at v1.0.5), the tool supports:-
  1. Opening multiple and viewing XML files (both drag-drop from explorer and multi-file open in via the open functionality)
  2. Generating new empty UTF-8 XML files (without XSL support)
  3. Renaming the application's labels for instances of open files
  4. Support for arbitrary plug-ins (the list of currently selected XML documents will be passed to the plug-in on triggering)
  5. Editing/Viewing XML files using the built-in editor with the following features:-
    1. A visual XML node tree and property list based interface (no need to worry about placement/adding opening/closing XML tags nor escaping special characters)
    2. Support for editing the XML source directly with basic validation (if XML is invalid the background of the text box will be red and the last known valid XML will be active)
    3. Support for searching the XML node tree
      1. Simple case-sensitive contains check with a single search string
      2. Depth first forwards only searching (currently)
      3. Search on (one or more of):-
        1. XML Node Name
        2. XML Attribute Name
        3. XML Attribute Value
        4. XML Text Node Contents
        5. XML Comment Node Contents
    4. Support for drag and drop of XML elements/sub-trees between editors (Copy - BUG: Will copy entire XML tree rather than just the selected fragment)
    5. Support for drag and drop of XML elements/sub-trees with-in the same editor (Move/Copy)
  6. Saving loaded files with new names or in different locations